Thursday, June 2, 2011

Conversations with Erik & I now avaialble on iTunes

New CD release on the TrineArc Music label released June 2011

Avant-Garde Jazz Saxophone Duo
"Conversations with Erik & I"
An interactive "Conversation" using spontaneous communication
between two saxophonists in a free jazz improvisation.
The musicians use all the concepts that create an engaging conversation
including Discussion, Debate, Small Talk or Chit Chat and Banter!

featuring saxophonists
Erik Van Dam
alto/tenor sax
Rick Britto
tenor sax

Album Song List and Credits
1.     Session #01   3:52
2.     Session #02   8:30
3.     Session #03   2:44
4.     Session #04   7:36
5.     Session #05   4:19

Rick Britto - tenor saxophone
Erik Van Dam - alto/tenor saxophones
Album Credits
recorded mixed and mastered
by Rick Britto at Saurus Studio
6.     Session #06   3:29
7.     Session #07   5:17
8.     Session #08   7:29
9.     Session #09   6:31
10.   Session #10   9:42

Album Art & Design
Erik Van Dam
Rick Britto

©2011 All Rights Reserved
by BMI and
TrineArc Music

liner notes by Rick Britto
When Erik and I decided to do this recording we were searching to communicate musically in a whole new way. We wanted our performance to be just like a conversation between two old friends! I sat down and thought of all the ways people converse with each other so we could incorporate all the approaches people use to communicate in a conversational manor.
Here are all the concepts of CONVERSATION that became a part of the approach used in recording this music project!
Conversation is interactive, more-or-less spontaneous, communication between two or more conversants. Interactivity occurs because contributions to a conversation are response reactions to what has previously been said. Spontaneity occurs because a conversation must proceed, to some extent, and in some way, unpredictably, contrasting with a scripted conversation, which falls outside this definition.
For a successful conversation, the partners must achieve a workable balance of contributions. A successful conversation includes mutually interesting connections between the contributors or things that the contributors know. For this to happen, those engaging in conversation must find a topic on which they both can relate in some sense.
Most conversations may be classified by their goal. Conversational ends may, however, shift over the life of the conversation and may include:

 where conversants compare, contrast and evaluate the respective ideas, without an opinion or position as to the correctness of any idea.

 where conversants' objectives are to convince others of one's position, usually where the debator assumes that the position of his opponent is incorrect.

Small talk
 is a type of conversation where the topic is less important than the social purpose of achieving bonding between people or managing personal distance.

 is non-serious conversation, usually between friends, which may rely on 
humor or in-jokes at the expense of those taking part. The purpose of banter may at first appear to be an offensive affront to the other person's face. However, people engaging in such a conversation are often signaling that they are comfortable enough in each others' company to be able to say such things without causing offense.

about Rick Britto:
Rick Britto is a well known jazz educator and musician from the New England area.
Rick's latest recording projects include: Trine: " +1", "In The Sky" and "Conversations with Erik & I" all released on the new TrineArc Music label! Previous releases on other labels include: The Lord's Orphans: "Holy City", Trine: "Politics", Andy McWain Ensemble: "Resemblance" ," One O'clock Jump Live"
As a musician, Rick has performed with many artists and groups both nationally and locally including Karl Berger, Santi Debriano, Harold Jones, Freddie Redd, Kate McGarry, One O'clock Jump, Royal Hartigan, Wes Brown, Armsted Christian, Jim Robitaille, Semenya McCord, Andy McWain, Marcelle Gauvin, John Harrison, Chris Poudrier, Bruce Gertz, Dave Zinno, Herb King, Kenny Wensel, Lou Columbo, Frank Wilkins, Alon Yavnai and numerous other musicians.
He has been double billed with such jazz notables as Ray Brown, Monty Alexander, Rosemary Clooney, Dick Johnson, Dave McKenna, The Artie Shaw Band, The Buddy Rich Band, and Count Basie's Orchestra.
In the world of popular music, Rick has performed with many R&B recording acts from The Drifters and The Tuneweavers to Tavares and even Queen Latifa to name a few.
Rick Britto is also a well known jazz educator from the New England area. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, he is a faculty member at both the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Wheaton College instructing private lessons for saxophone and jazz piano, directing music ensembles and teaching Jazz Theory and African-American Music History. He has taught younger students locally by assisting band directors for both New Bedford and Old Rochester Regional High School Bands for years and currently teaches a few gifted younger students privately in his home. Rick has also adjudicated many concerts, clinics and competitions in school districts in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
Rick also owns a recording studio, Saurus Studio, where he has produced numerous projects for radio & television and engineered, recorded or mastered recordings for many artists locally. Latest projects include CD mastering for "Union", Cheryl Conte: "Fortress", "O Caboverdiano" and “Boa Vista” by Cape Verdean guitarist and cavaquinho player, Tazinho, Andy McWain Ensemble: "Resemblance", Trine: "Politics", Trine: " +1", Rick Britto - Matt Richard: "In The Sky" and his latest project Conversations with Erik & I", which be released this January 2011.
In the publishing world, Rick digitally restored and mastered old recordings for "The Music of South India" published by Prof. Matthew Allen of Wheaton College for Oxford University Press and scored music for "Jazz Consciousness Music, Race, and Humanity" by Prof. Paul Asterlitz for Wesleyan University Press.
Rick is also a professional web designer and web master for several artists and musician's websites including musical artists: Harold Jones, Semenya McCord, Candida Rose, Lonnie Gasperini, Marcelle Gauvin, The Dancing Dogs and Cobach Musik plus, psychic medium, Gail Hicks and Cape Verdean artist/photographer, Ron Barboza.
His newest venture is into the world of visual art! He just debuted his first piece of digital art work, "Mind, Body & Soul" a digital self-portrait, at Gallery X in downtown New Bedford as part of the Public Hanging Art Exhibit in August of 2010.

For more information on Rick Britto,
please visit his personal web site:

about Erik Van Dam:
Since childhood, Erik has played saxophone and piano. He is interested in improvisation and can bring creative interpretation to classic jazz, as well as the more free-form modern jazz.  A member of several performing jazz groups, Erik is an active member of the jazz community. 
Although his main instrument is alto sax, Erik, also plays soprano, tenor and baritone sax, as well as jazz piano and flute.
Erik plays venues in the greater Boston area and in New York. Having studied with world renowned drummer Royal Hartigan and trombonist Hal Crook, he has performed with Bill Lowe, Stan Strickland, drummer Bob Moses, and saxophonist George Garzone.
Well versed in everything from the Avante Garde to more traditional modes of jazz, erik draws inspiration from the visual art world. An accomplished painter and sculptor, Erik, produces pieces using a variety of media. He is an art teacher in the Winchester, MA where he encourages students to enhance their artistic skills and build on their creative ideas.
Erik has performed at such Boston area venues as Zygomates, The Top of the Hub, The Asguard, Gargoyles, and The Zeitgeist Gallery in Davis Square, as well as venues in Salem and Glouster, MA. In New York City, Erik plays at Small's Jazz Club, The Knitting Factory, Cleopatra's Needle, The Fat Cat and The Sidewalk Cafe.
For more information on Erik van Dam, please visit his personal web site: